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The Blade of Grass in the Desert

The book reveals through 100 stories, how storytelling itself is the forgotten medicine for healing the soul.

The story begins with the King who is sad about the depression in his land and hopes that the adventure and mystery of storytelling can alleviate the misery. Following an idea of the king's wise men he calls out a conference of storytellers to be held at his court. The stories which are told at the kings court within the ten days of the conference represent ten major fields of storytelling as "partnership", "family life", "loss and berievement", "work" and "health". During the nights a second frame story containing further stories reveils the secrets of therapeutic storytelling.

There is a commentary to each story at the end of the book concerning its therapeutic use as well as a key word register and a detailed explanation for the therapist to understand the background and theory behind storytelling, linked to hypnotherapy, systemic therapy and NLP techniques.

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