Stefan Hammel
Autor - Systemischer Berater - Coach

Kieferberg 25 - D-67659 Kaiserslautern
0049 (0)631-3702093 - stefan.hammel(at)

Welcome to the website of Stefan Hammel!

English readers will find a more elaborated website and a blog at However, there are some extra pages in English on this German website.

Stefan Hammel, born in 1967, was engaged for eight years as a community pastor. Today, he works as a child and family therapist, hypnotherapist, and as chaplain in a general hospital and a psychiatric hospital. He leads seminars on therapeutic storytelling, utilisation (using the seemingly useless), hypnotherapy and hypno-systemic consultation.

Stefan Hammel was trained at the renowned systemic institutes for Systemic Therapy in Heidelberg (International Society of Systemic Therapy "IGST" and Helm-Stierlin-Institut) and in the German Milton Erickson Society. He is an associated Member of the Milton Erickson Society in Germany. Stefan Hammel has been doing workshops for the Milton Erickson Society (yearly conventions in Bad Orb and Bad Kissingen, the children's convention  organised by Bernhard Trenkle in Heidelberg, Gunther Schmidt's Milton Erickson Institute in Heidelberg), as well as for the Systemic Institute IGST in Heidelberg, for the Vienna psychotherapy training institute VPA and many other Organisations in Austria, Switzerland, USA and Germany.

On this website Stefan Hammel presents elements of his work in German, such as free MP3 of his storytelling to download. And the map of "The Island of Love" that he created to help couples assess their feelings about their relationship and discuss new possibilities.

Stefan Hammel is the author of several books: